Charities and Good Causes

Beds and Bars has a long history of working with charities, to support good causes whenever and wherever we can. The following is a summary of the charities we have helped champion in the past and those that we are currently working with.

Supporting The Team Margot Foundation

Team Margot Foundation November 2014: At the Beds and Bars AGM our staff voted unanimously to throw our support behind The Team Margot Foundation, campaigning for more potential bone marrow and stem cell donors to be swabbed and registered, in the fight against blood disorders such as Leukemia.

This decision was taken after Beds and Bars successfully raised £120,000 to build and run a school in Minyalala, Kenya, with charity partner Build Africa.

The Team Margot Foundation is a cause that is familiar and close to the hearts of many at Beds and Bars. For those not familiar with little Margot's inspiring journey, you can find her full story at

In supporting the Team Margot Foundation, Beds and Bars pledge to raise awareness and funding through the network 22 businesses, across seven countries and ten cities. Reaching out to our customers and local partners, and running charity focused events across Europe - we will raise the vital funds needed for research, and finding a cure.

A primary objective of the Team Margot Foundation is to gain exposure and raise awareness. By educating people all over the world and encouraging them to swab, the foundation will increase the current DNA bank. This international database is crucial in the search for suitable bone marrow donors, to treat those suffering with blood cancer.


PubAid was founded by: Keith Knowles (CEO and Founder, Beds and Bars), Tim Sykes (Chairman, Beds and Bars) and Des O'Flanagan (Ex S&N MD). Working with business leaders from across the sector, the objective of PubAid is to showcase the great charity work carried out each year, by UK pubs.


The Bridge Walk

Every two-years Keith Knowles - CEO and Founder of Beds and Bars - invites heads of industry to join him on a charity fundraiser walk in London. This event across some of the city's most iconic bridges, raises thousands of pounds for a good cause, chosen by the participants.

The 2014 Bridge Walk for charity raised a record £96,574 in aid of Team Margot. The same cause soon became the Beds and Bars charity of choice in 2015.

Bridge Walk 2014

We're always looking to work with charities, when and where we can. If you would like to become a Beds and Bars charity partner, please get in touch and we will schedule a time to meet. Contact our charity team here.


Build Africa: In 2011 Beds and Bars entered into a partnership with the UK based charity Build Africa, to support Minyalala Primary School - an under resourced school in the Mwala District of Kenya. During this partnership £120,000 was raised to construct new classrooms and toilets, and train teachers, and educate the local community about HIV and AIDS prevention.

If you want to know more about Build Africa please visit their website -

Just a Drop: In August 2010 - the Amsterdam division of Beds and Bars began a Europe wide fundraising project for Just a Drop. This small organisation builds wells and water pumps, and implements health and sanitation programs in developing countries.

If you want to know more about Just a Drop and what they do, please visit their website -

Australian Bush Fire: Following the devastation caused by the Australian Bush Fire in 2009, every Belushi's bar across Europe went to work raising money for the Red Cross Australia Bush Fire Appeal. As a sign of solidarity with the many Australians working within Beds and Bars, special fundraising events were held at every bar across Europe.

Old Emanuel Rugby Club: Beds and Bars have long been sponsors of the Old Emanuel Rugby Club. Established in the 1909-10 season, the Old Emanuel Rugby Club produce 3 sides per week, a veterans side for occasional fixtures and a successful mini's section.

If you want to know more about the Old Emanuel Rugby Club, please visit their website -