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Business Analyst:

Job Scope:


We take our values (Safe, Secure, Value & Fun) very seriously and our team should strive to always:

  • Act with INTEGRITY
  • Deliver EXCELLENCE
  • Have the AMBITION to continuously improve, and
  • Show that we CARE

This role contribute to Beds and Bars Group’s overall goals and value by providing “best in class”
analytical business reports for the Operation Executive team to make informed decision.
This is highly analytical, would require strong mathematical skills, and curious attitude.
The ability to pay attention to detail, communicate well and be highly organised are essential skills for
this role. You not only need to understand the data, but be able to provide insight and analysis
through clear visual, written and verbal communication.

You will have to work across a broad range of areas, including:

  • Business intelligence
  • Data assurance (validation of data and report)
  • Data quality which comes from CMS, Zonal or any other System.
  • Marketing Data Analysis i.e. tracking promotions, Offers, Customers trend etc.
  • Sales Data for Operation team’s purpose.

System involved:

  • CMS
  • Zonal
  • Payroll (provider is not agreed yet)
  • Google Analytics
  • Incoming calls management system (not implemented yet) for the group sales.
  • Customer review platform (Pillow talk etc.)
  • Financial System (SUN)

Scope of Job:

Existing tasks as per agreed deliverables. (As per appendix) and

  • Lead the process of agreeing the scope of “dashboard” spec and its success criteria as per Ops Exec team’s requirement.
  • Assist in the process of selecting the dashboard provider (PI Data or Tahola)
  • Assist in the process of selecting any system for overall business, marketing, sales for the data analysis purpose.
  • Project Manage the “Dashboard” project or any other system implementation.
  • Successful implementation of dashboard for the management group.
  • Be the super user (dashboard champion) for Dashboard, understand the need of Ops Exec in reporting, design required reports, validate data and distribute the reports.
  • Have a good understanding of any system which holds the business data so valuable and
    meaningful reports can be produced for the business intelligence purpose.
  • Identify areas to increase efficiency and automation of processes.
  • Support data validation and cleansing
  • Produce and track key performance indicators for the business across board for the management purpose.
  • Liaise with key stakeholders to provide key metrics and suitable management information.
  • Liaise with stakeholder’s team leaders and internal stakeholders to consider the most appropriate strategic, cost effective and deliverable solutions to problems (i.e. systems).
  • Develop and support reporting processes.
  • Monitor and audit data quality.
  • Liaise with internal and external stakeholders to fully understand data content
  • Gather, understand and document detailed business process.
  • Manipulate, analyse and interpret complex data sets relating to the business
  • Create data dashboards, graphs and visualisations
  • Provide sector and competitor benchmarking if possible.
  • Facilitate requests from Ops exec for the analytical reports.
  • Manage CMS/Zonal data integrity, provide custodianship and be the “go to person” for the stakeholders.
  • Leading budget process with cooperation of Finance managers and provide detail analysis.
  • Leading “forecasting” with cooperation of Finance managers and provide analysis.

Communication line:

Working with MD, CFO, Yield Director and the rest of the “Operation Executive team”

Essential requirements:

  1. Experience working as a business analyst or finance analyst or similar role.
  2. Knowledge of middle office or back office functions and ideally some experience of financial software.
  3. Knowledge of hospitality industry terminologies, business KPIs and how they are calculated.
  4. Good knowledge of data manipulation, enrichment, validation, normalization and underlying concepts related to data reconciliation/quality management.
  5. Ability to work with stakeholders and multiple difference groups within the organization.
  6. Ability to interpret the data, trend and reports.

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