Central Booking Coordinator - Group Accommodation

Location: London - Central Support Office
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Bookings Coordinator

You will find below everything you need to know about what we look for in our Sales support agents

Role Title: Bookings Coordinator

Reports to: Group Sales Manager


To deliver administrative support, process inbound booking Food and Beverage and Accommodation requests, provide outstanding customer service for internal and external stakeholders.

Essential requirements

You must:

  • Must have a keen interest in either watching or playing sports
  • A second language will be highly regarded, French, Spanish, Italian, German
  • Have all necessary documentation in which to be legally employed in the country in which you are based.
  • All Documentation required by any Local/Regional/National certifying or governing bodies in which to operate legally within your units country.
  • Have a up to date/active bank account in your own name
  • Be able to converse fluently in English
  • Live within a reasonable travelling distance of Overlord House
  • Own a laptop and be willing to travel to within London and occasionally out of London

Main responsibilities  :

Dealing with enquiries

  • Filter, answer/direct incoming enquiries to the relevant department/site
    • Social
    • Emails
    • Phone calls
    • Collins
  • Action all FIT’s, mini groups, Group Accommodation, manual bookings, F&B & Collins venue reactive bookings (including free stay fridays & Belushis winners)
  • Problem solve & offer support for BBG venues Team members via email and phone
  • Weekly reports of revenue, event and weekly stats to the GSM
  • Recognize and communicate opportunities to customers and sales agent
  • Facilitate rate quotation and contracting for all new accounts and key accounts with the support of Group Sales and Group Revenue.
  • Engage in upselling F&B, tours, function rooms before liaising with sales agent
  • Record add-ons sales
  • Gain understanding of each venues layout for pre booked sales
  • Maximise pre booked F&B sales in each UK venue
  • Work closely with central support management to maxamise and cross sell each venue

Database management

  • Filter all enquiries through the CRM databases
  • Monitor and action CRM live chat
  • Maintain all databases of agents, prospects & customers, including but not limited to Guest Centrix, Sugar, Collins, Google Docs
  • Liaise with Sales Agents and set triggers for follow up
  • Ensure completion of triggers within deadlines


  • Set all triggers for invoicing/payments
  • Liaise with finance department to protect revenue
  • Action all refunds
  • Action all cancellations within all group/mini group & FITS/ Collins
  • FIT bookings actionables
    • Manage changes/cancellations/deposits for all OTA’s
    • Identify errors on bookings and fix
  • Group bookings actionables
    • Management of bookings (amendments, invoices, meals, payments)
    • Availability check and offers sent out (follow up)
    • Daily trigger handlings (deposits, balances, option expiry, credit agent payments, pre arrival checks, group meals
    • Trigger pre arrival checks (ETA, ETD, age, arrival list) and ensure sent to venue.
  • Web group bookings actionables
    • Transfer bookings from CMS to PMS where needed
    • T&C’s sent out
    • Check bookings hostel by hostel for:
      • Credit card details
      • Merging bookings
      • Room allocations
  • Collins bookings
    • Manage changes/cancellations/deposits for all incoming bookings across the UK
    • Identify errors on bookings and fix
    • Upsell F&B package add ons
    • Daily trigger handlings (deposits, balances, option expiry, Indy group meals
    • Management of bookings (amendments, invoices, meals, payments)

Providing a brilliant experience for our customers

  • Deliver excellent customer service and maintain a high standard of customer management, at all times
  • Develop and lead a workplace culture focused on delivering an outstanding experience for our customers
  • Strive to continually improve our product to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.
  • Deliver product and experience within guidelines to ensure consistent customer experience

Person Specification

Customer focus

  • Be friendly, smiley, sociable, exuberant and welcoming to our customers, to create a great atmosphere
  • Remain calm, patient and polite, when dealing with customers
  • Be helpful and go out of your way to help our customers
  • Adaptable and ability to find solutions to different problems
  • Ability to think on your feet


  • Be confident and self-motivated
  • Demonstrate a passionate commitment to the business
  • Welcome and embrace change, with a positive attitude
  • Be able to work unsupervised in a pressured environment
  • Be able to prioritise duties
  • Enthusiastic and live your life approach to work

Personal integrity

  • Be honest and reliable
  • Be trustworthy and respectful
  • Take pride in personal appearance
  • Maintain excellent timekeeping and attendance
  • Be professional at all times

Team work

  • Always be a good team player
  • Build and maintain good relationships with all BBG members
  • Work together with your colleagues to ensure that the team is the best it can be
  • Be willing to take on jobs to balance the team workload
  • Be able to communicate well with people of all levels

Developing self and others

  • Be motivated to learn and develop self
  • Seek feedback and invest time in personal development
  • Support, encourage and motivate others
  • Coach, guide and give feedback to others

Managing change

  • Welcome and embrace change, with a positive attitude
  • Understand the need for change
  • Look for opportunity to improve areas of the business.

Gaining commitment

  • Communicate clearly to colleagues and customers
  • Gain commitment of others by using own knowledge
  • Act as a role model

Analysing and decision-making

  • Understand information quickly and accurately
  • Resolve problems using current guidelines
  • Be able to work independently and know when to escalate issues

Managing performance

  • Be accountable for meeting and exceeding objectives
  • Be able to identify when objectives are not going to be delivered and take action to ensure that targets are met
  • Be effective in planning own time
  • Make work fun

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Basic Job Requirements:

Phone: +44 (0)208 600 5210 - Fax: +44 (0)208 600 5247