Employee Testimonials

Luke Knowles
Business Development and Strategy Director

I look after all opportunities to grow and develop the business. Prior to this, I was overseeing the operations of 4 sites in 3 cities across Europe, turning over €20m per year. I also sit on the board of directors so responsible when things are good (and when shit hits the fan).

I love our brands because it’s melting pot of nationalities, unique with a Work Hard Play Hard culture. Working here has given me confidence and self belief, as well as the autonomy to manage the way I want to. I like the company’s mantra 'don't ask for permission, ask for forgiveness', our contributions to society and charity - and it’s a world recognised, International brand.

The highlight of my career so far was my Promotion to Operations Director, convincing the board that pre-booked sales is where it's at and Winning the Interbrewery Regatta. And Spraying Champagne over 50 colleagues and friends from a high table at La Folie Douce, Val D'Isere.

Jake Carroll
Head of Digital and Technology

I, with my awesome team of 5 run the websites for the company. I am in charge of ensuring all our digital assets are accessible, up-to-date and meeting the company’s requirements as the world of tech changes.

I love our brands because I love a party, and there is no party more epic than a Belushi's party. Jagers, burgers, banging tunes and a bed to crash in. What's not to love?! Best thing Beds and Bars have given me? My MacBook Pro. So I can work anywhere, anytime, all the time.

The highlight of my career with the company so far is probably my promotion to Head of Tech (and the Ski Trip). I have a great team and the fortune of working with a number of great colleagues. Being in Head office is my favourite part of the job; I have a varied role as Head of Dept, emailing, meetings, coding, managing etc. This all comes together best when i'm in the office with my team and we're working as one.

Sophie Herbert
Head of Sales and Marketing

I head up the Marketing and Communications for the UK and Paris business.

All of our brands are positioned within the youth market, which means they are massively energetic and constantly evolving. We are continually challenging ourselves to try new things in response to new demands, technologies and behaviours. The brands are very exciting to work for as you have a great mix of party and events, as well as engaging with backpackers from all over the world. The three things I like about the company is the freedom to try new things, training and continual support for my career development and an awesome family that I love working alongside every day. The highlight of my career with the company so far is winning a number of Industry Marketing Awards. My favourite part of the job is travelling to different cities and meeting new people.

Pete Mortimore
Senior General Manager of Belushi’s, Hammersmith

I look after the Hammersmith unit on a day to day basis and support the teams at Shepherds Bush and Camden who fall within my POD. My duties include business planning & development and management recruitment & talent spotting.

What's not to love about being a part of the most progressive and exciting backpackers brands in Europe as well as a growing 'American Hip' bar brand!? The best thing Beds and Bars has given me is their confidence. I was recruited externally and Beds and Bars have given their support to allow me to operate and achieve tangible results.

The business has an amazing vision of how a person can progress a career. Hands down, the reason I joined! Our teams are driven. They're focused, they're motivated and they genuinely want the business to achieve. Favourite part of the job? Collaboration. Whether it's working with a sites kitchen team, management team, bar team or the operations support team there is always a collaborative approach to getting to the destination.

Richard Bradford
UK Operations Director

I have been overseeing the UK Operations at Beds and Bars for 4 and a half years, bringing with me over 25 years of experience in all levels of F&B operations

The fact there is no standard day is the reason I'm in this business. I love the freedom you get in the industry to take on so many different tasks and work with so many different people.

In my role it’s important to remember ‘to keep the customer and the team at the centre of what you do'. My role involves dealing with customers, managers and staff, whilst ensuring the smooth running of all the UK sites.