Live Your Life Day 2015 - Supporting Team Margot

03 Jul 2015

On 30 July companies across Britain & Europe will come together for one very important reason. To raise awareness about blood cancer and how we can combat the disease by increasing the size and potency of the bone marrow donor registers - all in support of the Team Margot Foundation.

Live Your Life Day

Finding out more about how to register as a potential blood stem cell donor - is quick and easy. Just click on this link to see how you could help:

Led by Beds and Bars on what would have been the birthday of People Director Franca Knowles, over 120 bars, restaurants, pubs and accommodation providers will make every transaction a chance to register and save a life.

Employees at Beds and Bars, Yummy Pub Co, Faucet Inns, La Tasca, The Epicurean Collection and Glendola Leisure will give customers a wristband with every purchase, with links to and therein, how they can register to become a potential donor.

Please support by sharing your photo on social media using the hashtag #LIVEYOURLIFEDAY and #TOGETHERSAVINGLIVES, and change your Twitter & Facebook profile pictures to the Team Margot Logo or Live Your Life Day logo.

We want to spread awareness and encourage as many people as possible, from all corners of the world, to register as a potential stem cell / bone marrow donor.

Join us on 30 July 2015 and Live Your Life.

Thank you for supporting in any way you can and thank you also to the following companies for their fantastic support.

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